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Hospitality activities family Babić Art for over 30 years. The guest house is located in Novska, a beautiful town with 14 313 inhabitants (23 settlements) ...

Cafe bar

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Cafe bar "Station" appart from usual services offeres recreational activities such as pool, darts, poker, slot machines ...

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Novska is located in the central part of Croatia - Western Slavonia in Sisačko Moslavačka county. The slopes and mountains of Slavonia and the plains of Posavina, near nature park Lonjsko Polje...

Caffe bar "Kolodvor"

Caffe Bar "KOLODVOR" is catering trade open to the usual services offered and fun - recreational facilities such as pool, darts, poker machines. Located in Novska, on Station Street 49, near the railway station "Novska."

vl. Mario Babić

Mob: 092 / 247 3370

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